Why It's Better To Use Infused Olive Oil After You Cook

Did you know that heating olive oil can cause it to lose its heart-healthy properties. Saturated Fats are the best for cooking.

This is due to the oil composition and molecular structure. Saturated oils don't have double bonds, so they aren't sensitive to heat light oxygen.

Vegetable oils that are not saturated with vegetable oils (vegetable oil) are very sensitive to heat and sun. They can be altered by heating, which can lead to changes in their molecular structure and loss of their health properties.

Olive oils containing monounsaturated oil are not heat-stable

Olive Oil contains 70-80% monounsaturated oils in the form oleic acid. Olive Oil has many health benefits, including better insulin resistance and cancer fighting properties.

This monounsaturated fat is what gives Olive Oil its low smoke temperature.

Heat Damage Doesn't Cause Olive Oil to Contain Heart Healthy Polyphenols

Olive Oil is rich in antioxidant properties because of its phenolic compounds. They lose their effectiveness when heated.

Heating Olive Oil Helps Destroy Omega Fatty Acids

These essential fatty acids are highly sensitive and can easily be destroyed by heat.

Low-Smokepoint = Avoiding Toxic Smoke

Toxic smoke is produced when oil is heated beyond its smoking point. Smoke can form when olive oil is used in cooking.

Many olive oil are fake

Some companies have replaced olive oils with cheaper oils like soybean oil or canola oil.

In 2011, UC Davis conducted a study and found that 73% of top-selling imported Olive Oil brands did not meet European Extra Virgin Olive Oil standards.

This may indicate that oils might be contaminated by vegetable oils like corn, soy, or cottonseed.

What's Next?

Olive Oil It is a delicious and healthy oil.