Unleash the Flavors: Drizzle Infused Olive Oil over Grilled or Roasted Shrimp

The grilled or roast shrimp brings an explosion of flavor to your table. If you want to elevate this seafood classic, drizzle infused oil on top. The oil infusion brings complexity and depth to your shrimp.

This blog will explore the many possibilities for using infused extra virgin olive oil to drizzle on grilled or roasted seafood. It offers new ideas and suggestions that can enhance your seafood creations.

Exploring Flavorful Combinations

The perfect infused oil can transform the taste of your shrimp dish. If you want to add some smokiness or a bit of citrus flavor to your shrimp dish, try using an infused oil.

Each infusion will have its own character and allow you to create an enhanced flavor profile which complements and enhances shrimp's natural sweetness.

Pre-Drizzle Marinade

If you want to give shrimp a flavor boost, create a pre-drizzle using infused oil. Blend your selected infused oil together with complementary ingredients like minced garlic, fresh parsley or cilantro and a splash or lemon or lime. Let the shrimp marinate briefly before grilling, or roasting. The shrimp will be infused with flavors from the infused oil.

The Key to Timing

Timing is key when adding infused olive oils to grilled or roast shrimp. Add the oil after the shrimp has finished cooking. It will ensure that the delicate flavor of the infused olive oil is not compromised by heat. After the shrimp has reached the perfect cooking temperature, remove the shrimp from heat source and drizzle infused olive over it. This ensures the flavor of the olive oil remains vibrant and enhances the shrimp instead of dissipating.

Herb-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you are grilling or roasting shrimp, infused olive oils can make a wonderful complement. For a flavorful and aromatic experience, try using basil-infused extra virgin olive oil. Thyme-infused extra virgin olive oil will give you a subtle earthy taste. These herbs-infused oils enhance the natural flavors and taste of shrimp.

Citrus is a great pairing with this wine

Combine infused oil with citrus to give your shrimp a refreshing twist. Sprinkle lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil on the shrimps for a vibrant and zesty taste. You can also experiment with grapefruit-infused extra virgin olive oil to get a stronger citrus flavor. Citrus infusions will awaken taste buds and add a vibrant dimension.


The use of infused oil is an excellent way to bring out the best in grilled and roasted shrimp. Explore a range of infused oil and experiment with timings and combinations to create seafood dishes that will leave a lasting memory. Infused olive oils can enhance your shrimp creations with unique flavors.

You can unleash your culinary creativity by drizzling infused olive oils over your grilled, roasted or broiled shrimp. This will create a harmonious symphony that will please your palate.