Understand How An Olive Oil Diet Program Is Known To Lower the Risk of Diabetes

In most cases of health, doctors recommend a zero fat diet to protect against various diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Although studies show that certain diseases like diabetes and cancer can be increased by eating high levels of fat, it appears that it's the type of fat that is important.

We know from these research studies that a diet rich in monounsaturated oils, such as those found within olive oil, nuts, and seeds, protects us against many of these serious diseases.
A Spanish study that looked at type II diabetes was published in Diabetes Care. It found that eating a Mediterranean diet high in olive oil reduces your risk by nearly 50% compared to a lower-fat eating plan. Type II diabetes, which is both preventable and most prevalent form of diabetes, is the most dangerous.

The analysis is part PREDIMED. This long-term nutritional intervention analysis was designed to assess the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet plan program for the prevention of heart disease. It consists of a multidisciplinary team that includes 16 collections from seven autonomous Spanish communities.

The research involved 4-18 participants, none of whom were diabetic. Each participant was randomly assigned one of these options:

A Very Low fat diet

Mediterranean Diet Plan with olive oils (around 1 liter per week).
You might also consider a Mediterranean Diet Plan nuts (30 grams per day)

After four years, 17.9 percent of people who followed the zero-fat diet had developed diabetes. However, only 10 percent of those who used Mediterranean olive oils were affected.

After the MedDiet two bands (olive and nut), were combined and compared with the entire zero fat group, the prevalence of diabetes fell by 52 percent. Important to note is that the reduction in diabetes risk was independent from changes in weight and physical activity. Also, the Mediterranean food diet plans were not strictly calorie-controlled.

A Mediterranean-style diet high in olive oil could help to prevent type II diabetes.

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