The Perfect Pairing: Cooking with Infused Olive Oils and Ciabatta Bread

It is no surprise that olive oil is used in so many kitchens. It's a versatile, healthy oil that is great for baking, cooking and finishing salads. By adding flavors such as garlic, basil or rosemary to olive oil, you can take it to the next step.

Have you considered using infused oil in combination with other ingredients such as ciabatta loaf? We'll show you how infused olive oil and ciabatta are the perfect pair for your next cooking venture.

What is ciabatta?

Ciabatta, a rustic Italian flatbread, is renowned for its crisp crust and light crumb. It is made by fermenting a wet, sticky dough for several hours. This gives it a unique flavor and texture. Ciabatta bread can be used to make sandwiches, bruschettas, and soak up sauces or dips.

How to cook ciabatta with olive oil infused and infused bread

A simple bruschetta recipe is a great way to make use of infused oils and ciabatta. Toast ciabatta toasts and brush with garlic-infused olive oils. For a classic Italian starter, top with diced tomato, fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette.

Making garlic bread is a delicious way to combine infused olive oils with ciabatta. Slice ciabatta into half, brush the olive oil with garlic, and toast it until crispy. Serve this bread with your favorite pasta or soup to make a tasty meal.

Use of infused olive oils for baking

The infused oils can be used to bake, for example in the making of ciabatta. Add a few teaspoons of olive oil infused with basil to the dough. It will give it a delicious, subtle flavor. You can apply the same technique to other recipes, such as breads or cookies.

Pairing infused ciabatta and olive oils with other dishes

The infused olive oil and ciabatta can be used with many different dishes. Serve ciabatta bread infused with garlic alongside a warm vegetable soup, or top the bread with prosciutto & fresh arugula to make a satisfying and quick lunch. You can use rosemary-infused oil to make a tasty and aromatic dinner by roasting vegetables, pork, or chicken.


Culinary skills can be elevated by using infused olive oils with ciabatta. This combination is perfect for making bruschettas, garlic breads, breads or desserts.

Test out different recipes and flavors of infused oils to find the perfect match.