The Fundamentals Of Cooking With Olive Oil

The Fundamentals Of Cooking With Olive Oil

Different Olive Oils complement different foods and uses. For example, Olive Oil can be used for:

Deep frying

. . .and also goes great as an ingredient in marinades and sauces such as: mayonnaise, pesto, or romesco, and as a condiment, drizzled over an assortment of mouthwatering dishes.

Olive Oil is also commonly used as a bread dipper or simply dabbed on a toasted piece of country bread that has been scratched with a clove of garlic.

Utilize an array of Olive Oils for multiple functions. Strong and robust Extra Virgin Olive Oils can be used for cooking fish, meat, to make marinades, or to drizzle on strongly flavored ingredients such as peppers or garlic.

A moderate intensity, well-rounded Extra Virgin Olive Oil is outstanding on mozzarella or for bread dipping.

A calm late harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil could be utilised in baking a cake or to make mayonnaise. Olive Oil or virgin Olive Oil are equally amazing for frying and sautéing.

Do take into consideration that when cooking with Olive Oil, too heating Olive Oil will evaporate the alcohols and esters that make up its delicate taste and fragrance.

Our Olive Oil specialist suggest that you use a less expensive Olive Oil that doesn't have a lot of flavor to start with if you want to fry with it, add a more flavorful Olive Oil after cooking or at the table. Ultimately what matters in the end is your personal taste!

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  • Alexis Barros