Some of the Best Olive Oil Health Benefits

There is hardly a person that has never heard about unrivaled health benefits that olive oil can provide. This liquid has been known since ancient times as gods' gift, and it is one of the high quality products that can be afforded by few.

People from Mediterranean nations who regularly eat olives stay healthy, young and live more. There is a special Mediterranean diet among those who want to keep fit or lose unwanted kilos. Olive oil is a number one ingredient in food that they have on a regular basis.

In the same way as any other oil, olive oil can be both refined and undefined. According to research, positive qualities of this liquid are preserved only in extra virgin treatment at the temperature of 27 degrees.

Premium quality olive oil has a mild taste as its acidity is just 0.8% and it is absorbed by the body almost 100%.

Bear in mind olive oil keeps its beneficial properties just for 5 months if stored properly. The ideal place to store it is a glass bottle.

Olive Oil Benefits

So, what benefits olive oil can bring you and how should it be utilized?

Olive oil can decrease cholesterol level;

When taken correctly and regularly olive oil can protect against heart and blood vessels diseases, diabetes, obesity and oncological issues;

Antioxidants contained in oil assist people stay youthful, attractive and energetic, always being in high spirits; It can slower eye sight aging process;

Its soft purgative effect provides better digestion and prevents constipation;
It is perfect for treating gastrointestinal tract inflammations and fighting these unpleasant diseases as colitis, gastritis and hemorrhoids;

Olive oil can heal nausea;

It accelerates metabolic processes, decreases appetite and consequently helps to eliminate fat; moderate choleretic action is favorable while treating gallbladder and liver pathological issues;

It lowers blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension;

Olive oil is vital for women expecting a baby, as fatty acids favor proper nervous and bone systems formation of a future human;

every time a young mother takes olive oil during breast feeding it's going to defend her small cherished from sufferings caused by infantile colic, as well as it will stop allergic reactions in skin;

It also helps get rid of cellulitis and stretch marks.

Garlic extract with olive oil is good for older people as it enhances brain activity, can help lessen memory and attention concentration disorders, increases elasticity of blood vessels which is a perfect avoidance from cardio-vascular diseases. In order to prepare the mix you need to chop a head of garlic and mix it with extra virgin olive oil.

Leave it for a single day, after that you can combine this substance and lemon juice teaspoon of each. It is recommended to take the mix one period a day 30 minutes before meals for 30 days.

Olive oil is also widely utilized in cosmetology because it contains squalene and squalane good for your skin.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins. Among them is Vitamin E, which prevents formation of free radicals happening as a result of fatty acids oxidation. Such free radicals formation can cause oncological and cardio-vascular diseases. Hence Vitamin E (tocopherol) contained in olive oil is just one of the ways to avoid the risk.

One more essential component of olive oil is Vitamin A (retinol). It improves immune system functionality and strengthens your bones.

Besides, olive oil is loaded with ellagic acid, which is an essential monounsaturated lipid widely utilized in cosmetology. This acid is capable of strengthening thinning hair and preventing hair loss. Vitamins D, E, Vitamin A and K contained in olive oil stimulate elastin and collagen synthesis in a cellphone.