Some Great Benefits of Olive Oil

The health benefits of olive oil include the assistance with treatments such as:

Colon and breast cancer
Heart Problems
High Cholesterol
Weight Loss
And cancer

It has been used for quite sometime now. Furthermore, It is an essential ingredient for a handful of culinary preparations and also serves a variety of medicinal purposes.

Olive Oil is know to assist in lowering of the bad cholesterol level in our blood, as it is rich in monounsaturated fats. The extra virgin olive oil variety contains the maximum level of antioxidant polyphenols and oleic acid. It is thus a healthy choice compared to other vegetable oils.

Unfortunately, since olive oil has a fantastic amount of calories, it should be used in moderate amounts for the best health results. The FDA urges 2 tablespoons each day to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Essential Sources: Olive oil, as we all know, is an essential fruit oil, which we get from the olive tree crop found mainly in the Mediterranean regions. It is applied with cooking functions, developing cosmetic products and soaps, for medicinal purposes, and as pharmaceutical supplements. Some popular olive oils comprise the following:

Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pure Olive Oil

Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

It has various beneficial qualities. Apart from being an exceptional cooking aid, it is also known to have distinct medicinal qualities. Some of them are as follows:

Reduce Heart Problems: Natural olive oil contains 70% monounsaturated fatty acid. As a consequence, it lowers cholesterol accumulation in the blood and reduces heart problems. Additionally, it reduces the LDL, while at the same time increasing the HDL levels.

Blood Cholesterol: LDL cholesterol is not the good sort of cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart attacks and pulmonary heart disease. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is abundant in almost 40 antioxidant chemicals, helps decrease the oxidation effects of LDL cholesterol.

Weight Loss: Medical experts suggest that it is quite difficult to gain weight from the mono-unsaturated fats found in olive oil. Furthermore, experiments between Mediterranean olive oil have shown positive results in regards to a reduction in human body weight.

Metabolism: Olive oil boosts the metabolism, the growth of great bone structure, and brain development in children. It is an incredible source of vitamin E, which is quite beneficial for elderly people.

Anti-inflammatory: The phenols present in olive oil have anti-inflammatory properties.

Digestion: Olive oil is proven to aid in the digestive process. It is used as a medicinal oil to clean the digestive tract and to improve bowel movements.

Aging Process: Rich in antioxidants, olive oil slows the natural aging process of the human body. Used in cosmetic products and natural herbal therapy, it does wonders for the skin, which gets a natural glow and glow from the enriching oil.

Prevention of Gallstones: Olive Oil is also effective in preventing gallstones.

Healthy Cell Walls: Olive Oil contains polyphenol which helps in stronger cell walls. It also increases the elasticity of arterial walls, protecting against various heart conditions.

Cancer: Olive oil is said to protect the human body against cancerous growth, especially bowel cancer.

Medical research done at the prestigious Oxford University has shown positive signs that the acidic content of this oil can prevent the commencement of rectum and bowel cancer.

Breast cancer: Recent research study suggests that hydroxytyrosol, a major part of olive oil may help prevent breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Hypertension: Recent research study indicates that Mediterranean diet comprising of food rich in unsaturated fats (found in olive oil and nuts) and nitrite and nitrate (found in leafy green vegetables) may help protect you from hypertension.

There are several grades of olive oil, according to the flavor, aroma, acidic value and color. Readers are advised to purchase authentic oil with appropriate evaluation for cooking or medicinal purposes.