Seamless Ways To Maximize Flavor In The Kitchen

Adding some flavors in cooking is essentially all about using them the right way, in ways that bring out the quality of fresh ingredients. From fresh herbs into your spice rack, there are a handful of ways to get creative and enhance the natural taste of your dishes.

To help you out, here are a handful of ways to get you started in the kitchen:

Cook With Your Nose And Tastebuds

Begin with aromatic ingredients such as: ginger, garlic, mint, and chiles on your healthy dishes. In addition, understand how these play to the flavor profiles of the most loved cultural cuisines so that you can experiment or reinvent another dish with similar flavors.

Begin With Quality Ingredients

Fresh fruits and vegetables naturally give your dish a quality head beginning. Generally, produce from your local farmers' market will not only be in season, but will most likely taste better.

For the best flavor, our Olive Oil experts recommend that you keep certain fruits out at room temperature, such as apples, pears, persimmons, peaches, nectarines and even tomatoes. Refrigerator temperatures will mute their sweet flavors.

Stock Up The Kitchen

Then organize your kitchen and maintain that pantry stocked! If components are at your fingertips, you are probably more inclined to cook something healthy and tasty rather than go into a restaurant. For example, add high quality olive, nut, truffle and sesame oils to finish your dishes, just a little bit will provide a burst of flavor.

Just A Small Amount

Our Olive Oil experts recommend that you try using just a small pinch of a finishing salt to season after cooking rather than dousing with salt during cooking if you need to decrease sodium. The tiniest pinch of a flaky sea salt such as Maldon salt will add an extreme salty soda, or try truffle salt for an umami flavor!

Maximize Flavor With Herbs And Spices

A tiny bit of dried herbs and spices can also provide a pop of flavor. Did you know that herbs and spices are dense with powerful antioxidants! Our Olive Oil experts suggest that you try using turmeric, cinnamon, oregano, cloves and ginger in your cooking.

Other incredible salt-less enhancers include: rosemary, oregano, garlic powder, chile and lemon juice. Dry rubs or marinades are also a great way to flavor meat prior to cooking. You can try and add a smoky flavor with smoked paprika, smoked finishing salt, smoked olive oil, or chile.