Pivotal Tips On How Olive Oil In Your Diet Can Help Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Low-fat diets can solve most health problems.

Studies have shown that eating a healthy diet high in monounsaturated fats like olive oil and nuts can help to prevent serious diseases.

Part PREDICTED is a long-term intervention trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet in preventing cardiovascular disease.

The research involved 4-18 people (none of them had diabetes). Each participant was randomly assigned to one of these:

A Very Low fat diet

Mediterranean Diet Plan With Olive Oil (approximately 1 Liter per week)

Or perhaps a Mediterranean Plan Nuts (Thirtyg grams per day).

After four years, 17.9% of people who followed the zero fat diet developed type 2 diabetes. Only 10% of those who used the Mediterranean olive oil developed diabetes.

Diabetes prevalence fell by 52% after two MedDiets (olive/nut) were compared to other zero-fat diets

A Mediterranean diet high in olive oil can help prevent type II diabetes.

Bettering blood sugar amounts
Insulin resistance
Blood-lipid levels