Outstanding Ways To Use Olive Oil Daily

Olive Oil is so adaptable, yet its assortment of assets are often"untapped" by handful of individuals. The question we often hear from customers is what to do with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They ask, "Is it for cooking or salad dressing?" Really those are some of the most frequent uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but there are a variety of other uses as well.

In Europe, the Mediterranean countries especially, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used as a finishing touch to add flavor, texture and complexity to dishes. Finishing a dish Extra Virgin Olive Oil involves drizzling a little on the dish just before serving. Comparable to a pat of butter onto a pancake, a small drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil can add a lot to grilled steak, chicken, fish, steamed vegetables or potatoes.

Consider These Alternative Options For Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

A lean steak can taste dry and need a little flavor boost. Adding salt can help, but all it does is to stimulate saliva. A robust Olive Oil for example, replaces the flavor that a well-marbled steak has and adds a complicated, tenderness, and flavor. Top with a spoonful of sea salt to bring out the flavor in either the Olive Oil and the steak.

Broiled chicken breast can be dry; that's why usually a great chef will create a nice sauce for the chicken. Dark meat chicken tastes better mainly because the meat contains more chicken fat, but lean white meat poultry leaves a dry feel in the mouth.

Finishing chicken breasts with a generous drizzle of a mild to moderate olive oil, for example Koroneiki, a piece of lemon juice and a sprinkle of herbs creates a succulent and flavorful dish that is easy and healthy.

Because pork is such a lean meat, if a dip or tenderloin is well cooked, then it is going to need the help of a sauce or other finisher. A delicate and fruity olive oil, like as our Arbequina, complements the pork and adds moistness.

Drizzling your popcorn with Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides a wonderful base for your own custom seasoning mix. Or simply serving the popcorn alone with Extra Virgin Olive Oil will surely boost that bowl of popcorn into a tasty treat!

Quit, don't add the extra cheese to pizza; our Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar experts indicate that you drizzle a pungent Olive Oil, add a little something to the whole pie...from crust into sauce to toppings!

Olive Oil is wonderful as a finisher if you want to add a bit of European flare to a dish. A breaded veal cutlet topped with an egg is a la Holstein, but when finished using fresh, peppery olive oil, it becomes Veal Scallopini.

Broiled chicken in barbecue sauce is as American as the apple pie dessert, but using a Greek olive oil, some lemon and oregano, it changes to Greek chicken.

The options are really endless! Finish your favorite dish with a drizzle of your favorite extra virgin olive oil and taste the difference.