Olive Oil is the Key to the Mediterranean diet

Slowly, but surely, low-fat diets will be replaced with higher-fat, lower carbohydrate diets It seems a little strange.

Why Is Fat Essential?

Fat is a macronutrient with many benefits. It acts as an absorption inhibitor for fatsoluble vitamins A, E and a building block for all cell membranes in the body. It is vital for healthy liver function.

Did you know that over half of the brain's body weight is comprised of fats? This is a problem for optimal brain health. Essential fatty acid are essential for optimal health. They cannot be synthesized in the body, so they must be obtained through healthy eating habits.

Olive Oil is the key to the Mediterranean diet

It is no secret that Southern Europeans who eat the Mediterranean Diet (which includes fruits, vegetables and a variety of fish) have a longer lifespan with fewer diseases.

The average person in Spain and Italy consumes 13 liters of olive oil per year.

In 2013, a study was published. In 2013, a study was published.

Olive Oil To Reduce Inflammation

Extra virgin olive oil of high quality has 30 polyphenols. These antioxidants help reduce inflammation and lower the risk for developing heart disease.

Olive Oil for Better Skin

Europeans have used Olive Oil in many ways over the centuries.

Olive oil is not a good choice for your skin. It contains anti-aging ingredients such as vitaminE and antioxidants.

Some people in the Mediterranean begin their day with a quarter cup of olive oils every morning. You will feel fuller longer and have less need for snacking.

Olive Oil for Healthy Gallbladder

Olive Oil can increase pancreatic juice production, and bile. This is, however, what gives poop its brown color. Bile is necessary for proper fat breakdown and their absorption into the intestinal wall.

Olive Oil For Colon Health

Extra Virgin Olive Oil's Polyphenols act as antioxidants and remove free radicals from your body that could cause damage or cancer.

Olive Oil To Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Olive Oil may help maintain blood sugar levels. A study showed that people who ate olive oil had lower blood sugar than those who ate corn oil.

Corn, a starch that can raise blood sugar more than olives, is

How to begin your day with olive oils

Olive Oil has many amazing benefits. Let's now talk about how to use it.

Start small, starting with one tablespoon. Add more as you go.

Healthy liver produces more Bile, which is essential for proper fat (and/or oil) digestion in the small intestine.

Olive Oil in the Kitchen

Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many benefits if used properly. Oils that are heated at high temperature will eventually lose their nutrients.

Oxidation can also cause compounds that can harm healthy tissues.