Learn How To Use Olive Oil In An Assortment of Ways

You are probably well aware of the amazing health benefits that Olive Oil provides. However, did you also know that Olive Oil is more than just a healthy oil? Olive Oil is also rich in Vitamin E, vitamin K, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Olive Oili s an exceptional source of amino acid! Olive Oil is a wonderful oil for skin, eye and bone health.

Olive Oil Benefits & Fun Facts

The oil content of an olive is between 18 and 28 percent. An average of 75% of this oil is monounsaturated, heart-healthy fatty acid (MUFA). Olive Oil promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients, making it a valuable addition to salad dressings that are fat-free. Olive Oil is organically free of cholesterol, sodium, and carbohydrate.

Although some people feel that olive oil with deep green color is indicative of higher quality, this is not the norm. Traditional wisdom says that green olives are the source of greener oil (black olives yield pale oil).

Olive Oil's smoke temperature (4-10 degrees Fahrenheit), is sufficient to withstand stir-frying. Traditional Olive

Oil, high-quality Extra virgin Olive Oil is great for your skillet because of its high oleic acid content (a MUFA). Ninety eight percent (98%) of the world's Olive Oil is produced in only 17 countries

Olive oil is used for everything in people medicine. It can be used to treat muscular aches, hangovers, as well as to act as an aphrodisiac and laxative. Olive Oil coats foods rather than permeates, which makes them less oily than other oils. Olive Oil can retain its quality for two years if stored in a cool, dark place.

Useful uses Olive Oil . While you can certainly make your own dressing table there are so many other things you can do.


  • You can cut cholesterol by substituting one egg and a teaspoon of oil for a whole egg in your favorite recipes.
  • Olive Oil extends the life span of cakes. Olive Oil increases the freshness and shelf life of baked goods thanks to its vitamin E.
  • Olives can be substituted for bacon bits or croutons in salads. They are low-calorie and high in fiber.
  • You can get away from high-calorie gravies and tartar sauces, as well as high-fat fish and poultry by using a simple Olive Oil tapenade.
  • Say goodbye to butter. Try Olive Oil in your morning toast, on baked potatoes or on corn on the cob.