Learn How To Get the Most Out of Olive Oil For Brain Health

Many people have heard Olive Oil can improve brain health and overall health. There are many things that can reduce the benefits of Olive Oil for your health.

These are five essential rules to get the best out of olive oil for your brain, body and health.

Olive Oil labeled " Extra Virgin Olive Oil"

Olive Oils labeled as "virgin" and "light" could have been subject to a chemical process that unfortunately strips the nutritional benefits of olive oil. They might also be mixed with less-healthy oils.

You want olive oil that is fresh and delicious.

Olive Oil can go rancid and the brain-healthy antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acid, as well as polyphenols, will also go with it. This is a bad idea! It is best to check the sell-by and harvest dates on the bottles. If you cannot find them, it may be worth looking at other olive oil brands.

Keep an eye on the temperature

We recommend that Olive Oil only be used in low-heat or raw dishes to reap the health benefits. Olive Oil's beneficial compounds begin to lose their effectiveness at 350 degrees. High heats can cause them to become potentially dangerous substances.

Make sure it is stored correctly

Unopened Olive Oil bottles can last approximately 2 years if kept in cool and dark places. Olive oil's main enemies are heat and light once it is opened. We recommend that olive oil be stored in dark bottles and away from heat. It should not be stored in the refrigerator as it can crystallize and change its texture.

You can check the brand to see if it's the real deal

Recent research by UC Davis found that nearly 70% of olive oils that are labeled as "extra virgin" are not pure extra virgin olive oil. It's difficult to distinguish the true from the fake, unfortunately.