Learn About Suggested Uses For Olive Oil

While the uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a lengthy list of essential health benefits and are directly related to the type of oil you have chosen, our Olive Oil experts have listed some more common and general uses that can be applied to all Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

In general, Olive Oilcan be utilized for cooking although our Olive Oil experts highly suggest that these premium olive oils also be reserved for use as finishing oils. Using Olive Oil as you would use any condiment, you'd gain the maximum flavor and health benefits by using them raw, drizzled on your foods, prior to serving.

Addition, it is also important to consider that due to the quality of these olive oils, small amounts will impart incredible flavor.

Olive Oil From the Kitchen:

Instead of helping butter, our Olive Oil experts indicate that you fill a small condiment dish with Extra

Virgin Olive Oil for use on bread, rolls, potatoes or other vegetables.

Add a small amount of Balsamic Vinegar or a sprinkling of your favorite spices to the Olive Oil and use for dipping.

Smoothly rub potatoes with Olive Oil for added crispness. Serve with Olive Oil, herbs, and pepper.

Rub Olive Oil on your own turkey instead of butter.

Substitute Olive Oil for other oils in your baking recipes for fruit cakes/muffins and cornbread.

Drizzle Olive Oil on your favorite soup after plating; just before serving.

Drizzle Olive Oil in your own green vegetables instead of using butter.

Use Olive Oil as your base on your favorite salad dressing.

Utilize Olive Oil instead of butter on your favorite mashed potato recipe.

Drizzle a mild Olive Oil over your grilled seafood dishes before serving.

Drizzle a strong Olive Oil on your grilled meats and steaks before serving.

Other Creative Programs For Olive Oil:

Other then utilizing it in the kitchen to enhance your culinary creations, there are a handful of other applications for Olive Oil. Below are just some of a handful of applications:

For shaving. Olive Oil can offer a closer shave when used in place of shaving cream.

Olive Oil can be mixed with beeswax to create a homemade lip balm.

For stainless steel shining. Many cleaning solutions, such as ammonia, can dull and even damage and rust chrome and stainless steel. Olive Oil, however, is a safe and effective cosmetic agent.

Olive Oil is great for remove eye makeup. Dab a little under the eyes and rinse off with a washcloth.

Olive Oil is exceptional for stop wax from sticking to a candle holder. Rub a thin coat of Olive Oil on the base of the holder before adding a candle. Dripped wax must peel away easily

Moisturizing cuticles. Apply a small amount of Olive Oil into the nail cuticles.

Treating dry skin. Rub a thin layer of Olive Oil within the skin after a bath or a waxing.

Using Olive Oil as bath oil. Two to three tablespoons will do the trick.

Rub Olive Oil on elbows and knees for extreme moisturizing. Works well on baby's bottom too!

Using Olive Oil onto your scalp to Decrease dandruff.

Overall, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an extremely healthy merchandise and an all-natural ingredient. Incorporating its usage with your meals will enhance the flavors in all of your meals.