Learn About An Ideal Reason For Consuming More Olive Oil

At a quick glance:

  • Olive Oilis a great source of heart-healthy, oleic acid as well as the anti-inflammatory compounds oleuropein (and hydroxytyrosol)
  • Both green and dark olives make great additions to any diet.
  • Mycotoxin contamination is a concern for olives. Our Olive Oil Experts recommend that unpitted olives be packed in glass to reduce exposure to toxin. This will ensure that the olives have smooth, even skin.

Olives have been a staple in civilizations for centuries as a great source of nutrition, medicine and food. They are also low in toxins, high fat and completely bulletproof.

The olive, although technically a fruit is more like a vegetable.

Olives are low carbs and sugar, making them a great source of fat. Olive oil is known to reduce inflammation, fight cancer and increase testosterone synthesis. It also speeds up wound healing.

Olives are rich in a few amazing compounds, so be careful when cooking with olives and Olive Oil.

Olives Are Full Of Oleic Acid

Olives contain 15-35% of fat. The majority of the fat in olives is 15-35%.

Monounsaturated Oleic acid can be easily oxidized. Our Olive Oil experts recommend that you purchase Olive Oil that is stored in dark glass and made as close as you can to protect this delicate fat.

The Olive Oil is more fresh and will have more intact fats and beneficial compounds. Our Olive Oil experts recommend that you buy domestic olive oil whenever possible. Olives also contain high levels of vitamin E, vitamin A and copper.

Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein

Oleuropein is the main active in Olive Oil. This is what gives Olive Oil its distinctive taste. It can also be paired with hydroxytyrosol (the other major compound in olives).

Your body will be able to take a major step up with hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein.

  • They protect the heart and reverse chronic inflammation and oxidative stresses that can lead to cardiovascular disease. [2]
  • They are powerful antioxidants in vitro as well as in vivo. Hydroxytyrosol seems to be stronger than the other. [3,4]
  • They protect the pancreas against autoimmune damage. [5]
  • They can increase insulin sensitivity and protect glucose metabolism. [6]
  • They increase testosterone synthesis. [7]
  • They may be used as emollients in rheumatoid-arthritis. [8]
  • They are skin-healing and wound-healing. [9]
  • They protect the liver, particularly in cases of liver damage or metabolic syndrome. [10, 11]
  • They are powerful and promising in their anticancer properties. [12, 13]

How to Cook with Olive Oil

Olive Oil has a low level of saturated fat and is fragile. Extra Virgin Olive Oil should not be heated and non-virgin Olive Oil should be kept below 320°F. Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used after you have prepared your food.

Check Olive Oil for any additives and make sure it is bottled in dark glass. Clear glass allows light in, and light causes oxidation. Olive Oil should be used within one year to avoid rancidity.