Learn About An Assortment Of Ways to Get The Most From Your Olive Oil

Our Olive Oil experts have shared many amazing tips and tricks about how to choose and taste Olive Oil. It doesn't matter how much Olive Oil you use. Here are five easy methods to learn more about Olive Oil and how to use it to its full potential.
Olive Oil is the Best Employed Refreshing Ingredient

Olive Oil can be considered fruit. You should use your Olive Oil within a shorter time frame than this. Olive Oil should be consumed within one year after harvest.

It is different when you actually open the jar of Olive Oil. Olive Oil in an open container should be used within three months, if not sooner. Olive Oil experts suggest that you ensure that you buy as much Olive Oil as you can use during that time.

You should also avoid buying large bottles that you are unlikely to use for many months.

Our Olive OilExperts suggest that you only use olive oil for a very short time. It doesn't matter if you use the olive oil regularly or not.

Olive Oil is The Main Source of Naturally Added Fat

As we all know, olive oil is the main source for fat in the Mediterranean diet. Although olive oil is a very popular ingredient in Greece, only 2 tablespoons is recommended daily according to scientific studies.

In the U.S., 1 teaspoon per day is the average amount.

They feel that it is too much and that they can gain weight. You won't gain weight if you consume Olive Oil as part of a Mediterranean diet. You will likely be eating mostly vegetables, with some bread or bread that is average in calories.

Olive oil is more than just great for salads

Our Olive Oilexperts say that olive oil is not the main fat. However, you can see that it's used for all aspects of cooking.

Yes, olive oil can be sipped. As the smoke suggestion for home skillets is high enough, however, it will not reach the smoke stage which is approximately 4 10 degrees F extra virgin olive oil. While you might lose some antioxidants from gently sauteing, the rest can be retained so you are still reaping all of the benefits.

Olive Oil is not to be re-used

Some people will re-use Olive Oil that they have fried with. That is a serious no-no. It is clear that this used petroleum will not taste the same or be clean enough to be inspected by heat. Even though frying in olive oil and frying the first time may cause some antioxidant loss, repeated use of the oil more than once or twice a week will result in greater flavor and nutrition.

Olive Oil Recycling

It is important to properly dispose of olive oil leftovers (after you've used it in a pan). It is best to recycle it. You can also place the oil in non-recyclable containers and throw it away if you don't have any other options. The Olive Oil experts advise you to not pour it down the sink and wash it with warm, soapy water. This can lead to backups in your drainage system.