Incredible Ways To Use Olive Oil As A Finisher

Olive Oil is so flexible that only a few people are able to use it. Our customers often ask about Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

They want to know if the oil is used for cooking or salad dressing. There are many other uses.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (especially in Europe and the Mediterranean) is used to enhance the flavor and texture of dishes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great addition to grilled meats, chicken, fish and steamed vegetables.

Have a look at these other options for extra-virgin olive oils:

Dry steaks may taste dry and need to be flavored. Sea salt can enhance the flavor of the Olive Oil and the steak.

It is possible to dry broiled chicken breasts. Dry broiled chicken breasts can happen. Lean white meat chicken can cause dryness in the mouth.

To make a flavorful and healthy dish, add a generous amount of mild-to-medium olive oil (for instance Koroneiki), some lemon juice and some herbs to the chicken breasts.

Pork is a lean meat. A tenderloin, chop or other cut of pork will need a sauce or another finishing ingredient to cook well.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great base to add custom seasonings.

Don't put extra cheese on pizza! Our Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar experts recommend adding some flavor to the entire pie, from the crust to sauce to toppings.

Olive Oil can be used to finish off any European-inspired dish. It becomes Veal Scallopini when it's finished with fresh, peppery olive oil.

While braised chicken in barbecue sauce may sound American, when you add Greek olive oil, lemon and oregano, you get Greek chicken.

So many choices! You will notice a big difference in your favorite dishes.