Improve Brain Health With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Among all of the health benefits of Olive Oil, none may be more exceptional than maintaining brain health. There are a variety of different nutrients present in Olive Oil that may lead to the preservation of brain health.

For example, recent research has shown that olive oil can be vital in fighting Alzheimer’s disease. The anti-inflammatory polyphenol known as Oleocanthal is known for being able to clear proteins associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamins E and K which are present in Olive Oil also do an exceptional job at protecting the brain from steep mental decline. While in the presence of vitamin C, vitamin E helps maintain memory while fighting dementia.

If you do not take in as many nuts as it takes to maintain a healthy vitamin E intake, an exceptional way to make up for it is with Olive Oil. Vitamin K is common mostly in green, leafy vegetables. One way to make up for a lack of veggies in your diet is to increase the amount of olive oil you consume.

This is a critical factor in why Olive Oil is so key in Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin K boosts your brain’s processing speed, while aiding in preventing Alzheimer’s disease which most patients of the disease are deficient in.

These vitamins slow memory loss and keep the brain sharp as one ages. In addition, Olive Oil also has a way of boosting the levels of two major brain chemicals. The brain chemicals that help stimulate new brain cells and the chemicals that offset negative stress on the brain, both benefit from Olive Oil consumption.

Low stimulation levels of the brain chemicals that create new brain cells can result suffering from mental health disorders such as depression. Research has shown that the more unhealthy trans fats that are consumed, increase the odds of developing depression.

Replacing unhealthy fats with healthy fats such as Olive Oil can change this trend, leading to increased mental wellness. Due take into consideration that most research points to Extra Virgin Olive Oil being the top choice for reaping the maximum possible benefits regarding brain health.

Ultimately, the main thing is to make sure you receive all of the health benefits that come with consuming Olive Oil to ensure that you’re using gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a reputable source.