Help Bring Down Cholesterol, & Blood Sugar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Mediterranean diet has many health benefits.

Sapienza University in Rome has demonstrated that Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an adverse relationship with cholesterol, blood glucose and other factors.

Many countries have adopted the Mediterranean diet.

Extra Virgin Oil has been proven to protect the heart against disease.

Researchers tested the health of oil by adding 10g Extra Virgin Olive Oil to a standard Mediterranean meal.

Participants had the random option of having the meal with extra Virgin Olive Oil or without.

Blood tests were performed two hours before and after each meal to determine if blood sugar levels had increased.

The LDL cholesterol (or "bad") levels found in extra-virgin oil meals were lower than those made from corn oil.

Although the study was limited, the researchers pointed out that the first time lower cholesterol and blood sugar was found in Mediterranean diets using Extra Virgin Olive Oil.