Great Tips On Why Olive Oil Benefits Your Everyday Health

Many studies have shown Olive Oil can have a few health advantages.

Healthy Fats

Olive Oil is monounsaturated, making it healthier than other oils.

Olive Oil also has a lower level of saturated fats than Olive Oil, so it can be used as a substitute for butter in food recipes.


Olive Oil can reduce your chance of developing cancer. Reduce oxidation damage to cells.

Studies have shown that Olive Oil can replace saturated fats in order to lower the risk of developing upper respiratory tract and stomach cancers.

Cholesterol cannot be

Olive Oil is free of cholesterol. LDL cholesterol deposits can cause heart disease.

Blood Pressure

Numerous studies have shown a correlation between olive oil consumption and blood pressure. Both diastolic and systolic blood pressures have decreased.

Insulin, Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that Olive Oil can improve insulin levels and blood sugar control.

Redue Oxidation

Olive Oil contains polyphenols and Oleic Acid which both have the ability to reduce LDL Oxidation.

These health advantages are dependent upon the quality of the oil from its beginning, its storage and how fresh it is when it is used.