Great Tips On Using Olive Oil As A Finisher

Olive Oil is so adaptable, yet its assortment of assets are often "untapped" by a handful of individuals. Customers often ask us what to do with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Customers often ask if Extra Virgin Olive Oil is for salad dressing or cooking. However, there are many other uses.

Back in Europe, the Mediterranean nations especially, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used as a finishing touch in order to add flavor, texture and complexity into dishes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used to finish a dish. A small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, similar to a little butter on a pancake, can make a huge difference in the flavor of grilled steaks, chicken, fish, or steamed vegetables.

Take a look at these alternative options for extra virgin olive oil:

Lean steaks can be dry tasting and may need some flavoring to improve their taste. Salt can help, but it only stimulates saliva. For example, a solid olive oil can replace the taste of a well-marbled steak and adds complexity, tenderness and flavor. Shirt with a spoonful of sea salt to bring the flavor at both the Olive Oil and the steak.

Dry boiled chicken breasts can be difficult to cook. A great chef will often create a delicious sauce for the poultry. The taste of dark meat poultry is due to the high amount of chicken fat. However, lean white meat chicken can leave a dry feeling in the mouth.

A generous drizzle of moderate to medium olive oil, such as Koroneikia little lemon juice and some herbs can be added to the chicken breasts. This will create a delicious and healthy dish.

Pork is a lean meat. A dip or tenderloin that is well cooked will need a sauce or another finisher. A delicate, fruity olive oil such as our Arbequina simplifies the preparation of pork and adds moisture.

Drizzling your popcorn with Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides a wonderful base for your customized seasoning blend. Extra Virgin Olive Oil can also be used to make the popcorn into a delicious treat.

Quit, don't add the extra cheese into pizza; our Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar experts indicate that you just scatter a pungent Olive Oil, to add a little something for the entire pie. . From crust to sauce

Olive Oil is wonderful as a finisher if you want to add a touch of European flair into a dish. It's a breaded veal cutlet with egg topped. However, when it is finished with fresh, peppery oil, it becomes Veal Scallopini.

Braised chicken in barbecue sauce can be as American as apple pie, but it is made with a Greek olive, lemon, and oregano. This transforms Greek poultry.

There are so many options! Enjoy your favorite dish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. You will be amazed at the difference it makes.