Great Tips on How Olive Oil Can Help Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Doctors suggest that patients eat low-fat meals to prevent a range of diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions.

Research has shown that high-fat diets increase the risk of certain diseases like cancer. It is not the amount of fat that matters more.

Studies have shown that eating high-quality foods rich in monounsaturated oil such as olive and nuts can help prevent serious illnesses.

A Spanish study has shown that type II diabetes risks can be nearly half-way reduced by following a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil and low-fat.

PREDIMED is an analysis of long-term nutrition interventions that aims to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the Mediterranean diet for preventing heart disease.

It is a multidisciplinary team consisting of 16 collections spread across seven autonomous Spanish communities.

There were 4-18 participants in the research (none of whom had diabetes). Randomly, each participant was assigned to one of the following:

A Very Low fat diet

Mediterranean Diet Plan With Olive Oil (approximately 1 Liter per week)

Or maybe a Mediterranean Diet Plan Nuts (30 grams per day).

After four year, 17.9% of those who followed the zero-fat diet developed diabetes. Only 10% developed diabetes after using the Mediterranean olive oil.

The prevalence of diabetes dropped by 52 percent after the MedDiet (olive/nut band) was combined. This is a significant reduction in diabetes prevalence compared to other zero-fat diets.

A Mediterranean diet high in olive oil can help prevent type II diabetes.

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