Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Easily Help With Bringing Down Cholesterol, & Blood Sugar

Many health benefits can be found in the Mediterranean diet. Sapienza University, Rome, has shown that Extra Virgin Olive Oil can have an adverse effect on cholesterol, blood glucose, and other factors.

Many nations have adopted the Mediterranean diet.

Extra Virgin Oil has been shown to protect the heart from disease.

Researchers tested the health of olive oils after adding 10g extra virgin olive oil to a Mediterranean dish. The study involved 25 healthy subjects.

Participants were given the option to have the meal with extra Virgin Olive Oil, or without.

Blood sugar tests were done two hours prior to and after each meal in order to determine whether blood sugar levels had increased.

LDL cholesterol (or "bad") was lower in extra-virgin oils than corn oil.

The study was not complete, but the researchers noted that it was the first to show a link between lower cholesterol and blood glucose when Mediterranean diets were used Extra Virgin Olive Oil.