Everyday Uses For Olive Oil

Through the years, olive oil has slowly but surely turned into my favorite household instrument. I understand what you're thinking,'household tool?'

Don't get us wrong, olive oil will always and forever be my favorite kitchen fixing, but I have found that it can be utilized for SO MUCH MORE than just that!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, of course, best used for consumption, or at least in my opinion! Olive oil is delightful and enjoyable to eat because it always brings an awesome kick of flavor to any dish.

Not only is it delicious, it's also one of the healthiest fats you can set in your body! It is my go-to oil for everything - sautéing veggies, grilling fish (or even any kind of meat for that matter), frying eggs, baking treats, and drizzling over practically anything!


Olive oil is my beyond-favorite oil to use as a full body moisturizer! We love to use a high-polyphenol extra virgin olive oil, so we understand I am putting the best quality oil on my skin and nourishing my pores with exactly what they are craving.

Using olive oil as a moisturizer provides the skin with vitamins E and K, powerful antioxidants called oleocanthals, it even provides anti-inflammatory benefits and can soothe symptoms of eczema and psoriasis!


EVOO can be a wonderful household cleaner, keep it in your broom closet and whip it out for things such as removing stickers or tough price tags, polishing wooden furniture, cleaning the grill, polishing leather shoes, polishing stainless steel appliances..

We would also like to mention what a powerful cleaner Castile soap it. It is an all natural soap made from oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, or a blend of these oils.

It is extremely versatile and can be utilized in many different ways and can truly be an all-purpose household cleaner that can remove some of your toughest stains or grimiest surfaces.


Your pets will LOVE if you drizzled a tablespoon of the fantastic stuff on their food everyday! Not only would they like it, they would also reap all of the benefits provided by extra virgin olive oil.

This is a pretty creative way to get your pet some real good nourishment to keep them healthy and strong for a very long time!