Essential Tips On How Olive Oil In Your Diet Can Help Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Low-fat diets can solve most health problems.

Research has shown that eating healthy, high-quality monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and nuts can help prevent serious illnesses.

PART PREDICTED is an intervention trial that evaluates the safety and effectiveness the Mediterranean diet in preventing heart disease.

There were 4-18 participants in the research (none of whom had diabetes). Randomly, each participant was assigned to one of the following:
A Very Low fat diet

Mediterranean Diet Plan With Olive Oil (approximately 1 Liter per week)

Or perhaps a Mediterranean Plan Nuts (Thirtyg grams per day).

In four years, 17.9% developed type 2 diabetes. Only 10% developed diabetes after using the Mediterranean olive oil.

Diabetes prevalence dropped by 52% after two MedDiets were compared with other zero-fat diets

A Mediterranean diet high in olive oil can help prevent type II diabetes.

Bettering blood sugar amounts
Insulin resistance
Blood-lipid levels