Drizzle and Sizzle: Infused Olive Oils for Unforgettable Holiday Feasts

The holiday season is synonymous with indulgent meals and cherished family recipes. While traditions have their special place, introducing a novel twist to the dining table can transform your festive gatherings into a gourmet experience. Infused olive oils, with their rich profiles and versatility, are the unsung heroes of culinary creativity.

Beyond just drizzling and dressing, these aromatic oils can be the key to unlocking extraordinary flavors in your holiday dishes. In this blog, we'll explore how to weave the magic of infused olive oils into your holiday meals, ensuring each course is infused not just with taste, but with the spirit of innovation.

Transforming the Holiday Table with Infused Olive Oils

  1. Fig and Rosemary Olive Oil on Roasted Meats: Enhance your roasted lamb or beef with a fig and rosemary-infused olive oil, bringing a sweet and savory balance that complements robust meats.

  2. Orange and Fennel Olive Oil for Seasonal Vegetables: Brighten up roasted root vegetables with a dash of orange and fennel-infused olive oil, lending a Mediterranean flair to winter produce.

  3. Spiced Cinnamon Olive Oil for Baked Goods: Revolutionize your baked goods, from bread to pastries, with a spiced cinnamon-infused olive oil for a warming holiday scent and flavor.

Innovative Infusions for Your Festive Recipes:

  • Vanilla and Cardamom Olive Oil: A dessert game-changer, this infusion can be used in your baking or as a finishing oil for sweet bruschetta topped with mascarpone and pears.

  • Peppermint Olive Oil: Add a drop to chocolate desserts or a unique touch to savory dishes like lamb, offering a refreshing contrast.

  • Ginger and Turmeric Olive Oil: A powerful duo for immunity and flavor, use this oil to sauté greens or drizzle over a carrot ginger soup for an extra zing.

  • Chili and Garlic Olive Oil: Ideal for spicing up your holiday potatoes or a homemade pizza if you're going for a more casual celebration.

Crafting Your Own Holiday Infusions:

Creating infused olive oils is simpler than it sounds and serves as an excellent opportunity for a personalized holiday gift. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select Quality Base Oil: A good quality extra virgin olive oil serves as the perfect canvas for your infusions.

  2. Choose Complementary Flavors: Think about the dishes you typically serve during the holidays and select herbs and spices that will complement those flavors.

  3. Sterilize Your Containers: Ensure your infusion bottles are sterilized to maintain the olive oil’s longevity and purity.

  4. Infuse with Care: Slowly infuse your warm (not hot) olive oil with your chosen flavors, allowing the mix to steep until the desired intensity is reached.

  5. Label with Love: Don’t forget to label your bottles with the ingredients and date of infusion. Add a ribbon or a bow for a festive touch.


As the holiday season unfolds, it’s the perfect time to add a sprinkle of creativity to your festive meals. Infused olive oils are an easy and effective way to elevate the dining experience, providing a symphony of flavors with each dish they grace. From starters to desserts, these oils not only add a gourmet touch but can also inspire new traditions in your holiday gatherings.

This year, let your meals be remembered not just for their warmth and bounty, but also for their daring flavors and aromatic excellence. With infused olive oils, you’re not just cooking; you’re crafting a festive story on every plate.