Crispy and Flavorful: How to Make Pan Fried Sweet Potatoes with Infused Olive Oil

If you're searching for a delicious and healthy side dish that will elevate your meals, look no further than pan-fried sweet potatoes. With a perfect balance of sweetness and savory flavors, these crispy bites are an irresistible addition to any table.

In this blog, we'll share a simple yet flavorful recipe for pan-fried sweet potatoes using infused olive oil. Get ready to savor the taste of crispy perfection and take your cooking skills to new heights!

  1. The Power of Infused Olive Oil: Infused olive oil is the secret ingredient that takes these pan-fried sweet potatoes to the next level. Infusing olive oil with herbs, spices, or even chili flakes adds a delightful depth of flavor that complements the natural sweetness of the potatoes. Choose an infused olive oil that complements your taste preferences, such as rosemary, garlic, or smoked paprika.

  2. Ingredients You'll Need:

  • 2 medium-sized sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch thick slices or cubes
  • 2 tablespoons infused olive oil of your choice
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika (optional, for added flavor)
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro (optional, for garnish)
  1. Step-by-Step Instructions:
  • In a large skillet, heat the infused olive oil over medium heat.
  • Add the sweet potato slices or cubes to the skillet, spreading them out in a single layer.
  • Sprinkle the smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper evenly over the sweet potatoes.
  • Allow the sweet potatoes to cook undisturbed for about 4-5 minutes, or until the bottom side turns golden brown.
  • Flip the sweet potatoes and continue cooking for an additional 4-5 minutes, or until they are tender and crispy.
  • Remove the sweet potatoes from the skillet and transfer them to a serving dish lined with paper towels to absorb any excess oil.
  • Sprinkle with fresh herbs, such as parsley or cilantro, for an added burst of freshness and color.
  • Serve the pan-fried sweet potatoes immediately as a side dish or as a flavorful addition to your favorite recipes.
  1. Customization and Serving Suggestions:
  • For an extra kick of flavor, experiment with different infused olive oils, such as chili-infused or lemon-infused olive oil.
  • Enhance the taste by adding a sprinkle of cinnamon or a pinch of cayenne pepper for a hint of heat.
  • Serve the pan-fried sweet potatoes alongside a juicy steak, grilled chicken, or a leafy green salad for a well-rounded meal.
  • Enjoy them as a snack or appetizer by pairing them with a dipping sauce like spicy mayo or honey mustard.


Pan-fried sweet potatoes with infused olive oil are a delightful and versatile dish that adds a touch of sophistication to your meals. The infusion of olive oil with herbs or spices elevates the flavor profile, making each bite a crispy and flavorful experience.

Whether you're cooking for yourself, your family, or entertaining guests, these pan-fried sweet potatoes are sure to impress. So, grab your skillet, infused olive oil, and sweet potatoes, and embark on a culinary journey filled with crispy perfection and mouthwatering satisfaction.