Clearly Understanding The History Of Olive Oil

The Mediterranean is the iconic home of the olive where it has been an essential aspect of life for thousands of years. The olive tree produces olives (olea europaea) which are known to have been cultivated around the Mediterranean about 6000 years ago.

Stone tablets discovered dating back to 2500 BC from the court of King Minos of Crete mention the olive plant, advocating that cultivation began in Greece.

For decades now, during the history of Mediterranean, the olive was a symbol of wealth, fame and peace. It played a critical role in culture, the arts, trade, technology and the market.

There are myths and legends abound glorifying the powers of this"Liquid Gold" as it was referred to by Homer in the Iliad. Olive Oil was a standard staple in regular life together with the olive and its oil being a massive part of the diet.

Additionally, Olive Oil was used in both cooked and uncooked dishes with a typical meal containing grains or flour mixed or rubbed with Olive Oil sometimes with added honey.

A handful of meats were always oiled before and after ingestion. The ancient Greeks created the salad dressing that was topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, sea salt and honey.

In addition to being a healthy food, Olive Oil was a main source of light and was highly prized as fuel especially for spiritual ceremonies.

As a beauty routine, wealthy societies drizzled Olive Oil all over their bodies and abundantly bathed with it as did the athletes participating in ancient Greek games.

Olive Oil also acted as a foundation for perfumes and cosmetics, that have been highly prized throughout the
Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Considering Olive Oil had natural healing abilities, Hippocrates was a pioneer medical practitioner who employed Olive Oil based ointments to take care of wounds and traumas.

From the Middle Ages, Olive Oil continued to reveal new curative properties as it became a popular cure for sore throats, cuts and bruises.

In the modern era, we continue to use olive oil in a variety of the same ways our ancestors did. In cooking, beauty, and health, we can find Olive Oil at the core of all exceptional applications.