Are You Using Olive Oil the Incorrect Way?

Olive oil should be used when it is fresh. This is because it tastes great, and retains its nutritional value regardless of whether it has been completely refrigerated. Olives are fruits, and like most fruits, olive oil should be consumed fresh. Olive oil becomes old after 36 months.

So the next time that you come across a wonderful olive oil , make sure to use it. It is said that olive oil is dangerous to use in frying. It's surprising that this misinformation has not been corrected by the media. Let's face it, olive oil doesn’t have an excessively high smoke point.

Extra virgin olive oil has a higher smoke level than other refined oils. Additionally, it contains polyphenols that slow down the rate of oxidation. You won't be able to reach the smoke point at home if you're not doing any heavy industrial frying.

Heating will result in a loss of antioxidants.

You shouldn't consume too much olive oil. In the United States, the average daily intake of olive oils is 1 teaspoon. You won't get as many of the health benefits from olive oil if you only take one teaspoon.

Study after study has shown the health benefits of olive oils. Consume 2-3 tablespoons daily.

Olive Oil is the main source of fat for your diet plan if you are following a Mediterranean diet. This means that the olive oils used in cooking and salads will make up the bulk of your daily fat intake. You Purchase "Olive Oil"... Olive Oil is a popular product. The labeling of olive oil can be confusing. The label "Olive Oil" in the U.S. refers to a mix of virgin olive oils or refined olive oil.

A refined olive oil is generally a low-quality olive oil that has been refined chemically and physically to remove undesirable qualities like fatty acids, flavor, and odor. This olive oil lacks the benefits of extra-virgin olive oil (polyphenols), nor the flavor. We recommend you to choose high quality extra virgin oil.

You Prefer Moderate Taste Olive OilStudies reveal that many people do not know the exact taste of fresh olive oil and that they prefer the flavor of rancid olive olive oil.

Olive oil shouldn't taste "buttery". However, there are many people who believe olive oil has a buttery flavor and an oily texture. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Olive Oil should feel resentful and fresh olive oil needs to taste "green", fresh, slightly neater, not tasteless, or have an "old nuts" taste.