An Olive Oil Diet Program Is Known To Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Generally in the majority of health cases, doctors prescribe a zero fat diet program plan to protect against a variety of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Whilst reports have proven that elevated fat diets may increase the risk of certain diseases such as cancer and diabetes, it appears that it is the kind of fat that counts rather than the amount of fat.

Because of the these research studies we all know that a diet full of monounsaturated fats such as the people found in olive oil, nuts and seeds shields us from many of these serious diseases.

A new Spanish study published in the scientific journal Diabetes Care revealed that a Mediterranean diet full of olive oil decreases the risk of type II diabetes at nearly 50 percent compared to a reduced fat eating plan plan program regime. Type II diabetes is the most frequently occurring and preventable form of diabetes.

The analysis is part of PREDIMED, a long-term nutritional intervention analysis aimed to assess the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet plan program at the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and is made up of a multidisciplinary team of 16 collections distributed within seven autonomous communities in Spain.

The research contained 4-18 participants (Not one of them having diabetes). Each participant was randomly assigned to either:

A Very Low fat diet

A Mediterranean Diet Plan with olive oil (around 1 liter a week)
or Perhaps a Mediterranean Diet Plan nuts (Thirty grams a day)

After 4 years 17.9 percent of the individuals following the zero fat diet plan program regime grown diabetes while just 10 percent of the participants following the Mediterranean olive oil developed the disease.

After the 2 MedDiet bands (olive oil and nut bands) had been pooled and compared with all the zero fat group, prevalence of diabetes was reduced by 52 percent. It is critical to mention that the reduced total of diabetes risk was independent of changes in weight loss or physical activity and that the Mediterranean food diet plans that had been followed are maybe perhaps not calorie confined.

Reports have shown that a Mediterranean style diet Full of olive oil may avoid the appearance of type II diabetes

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