An Ideal Reason For Consuming Olive Oil Routinely

At a quick glance:

  • Olive Oil are great sources of anti-inflammatory, heart-healthy compounds like phytotyrosol and oleuropein.
  • Olives can be a wonderful addition to any diet.
  • Olives can be affected if they are contaminated with mycotoxin. Experts recommend that olive oils not be pitted or packaged in glass to lower the risk.

Olives have been a staple of civilizations for thousands, if not thousands of years. They can withstand bullets, and they contain low levels of toxic substances.

While an olive can technically considered a fruit, it is more like something that you eat.

Olive oils are a good source of fat. They have low levels of carbohydrate, and sugar.

Olive oil is rich in many wonderful compounds. Olive Oil should always be handled with care.

Olives Are Full Of Oleic Acid

Olives are 15-35% rich in fat.

Monounsaturated Oleic acids can be easily oxidized.

Fresher olive oil is better for you and your health.

Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein

Hyprosol, Oleuropein and Hyprosol can make your body stronger.

  • They protect your cardiovascular health, and reverse chronic inflammation that could lead to heart diseases.
  • They have strong antioxidant properties in vitro as well as in vivo.
  • They protect your body and prevent you from developing autoimmune disease.
  • These may increase insulin sensitivity or protect glucose metabolism.
  • They can also increase testosterone production.
  • They may be used as emollients in rheumatoid-arthritis.
  • These can treat skin conditions and heal wounds.
  • They protect you liver from damage or metabolic syndrome.
  • These powerful anticancer properties look promising.

How do you use olive oil?

Olive Oil, which is very fragile, can easily be oxidized.

Be sure to inspect olive oil for any added ingredients and store it in dark glass.