An Assortment of Outstanding Ways To Use Herb Infused Olive Oils

It is possible to infuse the herb with oil, depending on its purpose.

Rosemary-infused Oil can be used to make pasta sauces or as an energy-packed oil for roasting potatoes.

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil is suitable for many bath products.

Calendula is also great for making insect repellant lotions. Plantain can be used for wound healing.

Chickweed is also a great option for treating small cuts and skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or other sensitive skin conditions.

Culinary Infused Olive Oils

Savory Infused Oil are great for salad dressings and other healthy foods that contain garlic, ginger, and/or peppers.

To prevent bacteria and mold growth, we recommend using dried herbs.

Olive Oil Infused With Herbs For Beauty & Healing

  • The best quality dried herbs last longer.
  • Clean containers fitted with tight-fitting caps.
  • Colored glass bottles can be used to extend the shelf life. Vitamin E oil can also help preserve the oil.
  • Olive Oil is known for its resistance to oxidation.
  • You can use coconut, grape seed, and almond oils.
  • Label bottles with dates and infusion ingredients labels.

Cold Infusion/Solar Infusion

Materials Required:

  • High Quality Dry Herbs
  • Olive Oil
  • Natural wax paper
  • Clear glass container made from dry glass with tight-fitting lid
  • Permanent marker and labels
  • Vitamin E oil (optional)
  • Intention
  • A place with a sunny climate or consistent