A Short Version of the Process: Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oils are created from the first pressing, and this is performed more than 24 to 72 hrs of harvesting.

Mechanical or hand hammering is the typically the sole real techniques used to obtain Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Additionally, no heat or chemical procedures are all properly employed. The Olive Oil obtained by the first pressing is the sole real Olive Oil that can be classified as Extra Virgin (or virgin, predicated upon the natural acidity amount).

Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil refers towards the most effective Olive Oil potential in terms of acidity, quality, aroma, and flavor. Some brands may have natural acidity rates as much as 0.225 percent. Because it is the most high priced, it is wise to utilize top extra-virgin to get dishes where the olive oil will not be heated. Heating Olive Oil causes it to drop some of its flavor, so that it isn't necessary to make use of the very high priced grades for the cooking.

Top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is excellent in salads or as a condiment when flavor is essential.

To become classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the acidity level of the Olive Oil can be greater than 1%. Like top extra virgin, it is advisable to make use of extra-virgin to get dishes where the olive oil isn't going to be heated, such as in salads or as a condiment.