A Perfect Reason For Consuming More Olive Oil

At a quick glance:

  • Olive Oilis a great source of heart-healthy, oleic acid as well as the anti-inflammatory compounds oleuropein (and hydroxytyrosol)
  • Green and dark olives are great additions to any diet.
  • Mycotoxin contamination can be a problem for olives. To reduce the risk, our Olive Oil Experts recommend that unpitted oil be packaged in glass. This will ensure olives have smooth and even skin.

Olives are a staple food in civilizations for centuries. They have low toxins and high fat, and are bulletproof.

Although technically an olive is a fruit, it's more like a vegetable.

Olives have low carbs and sugars, which makes them an excellent source of fat. It speeds up wound healing.

Olives are rich in a few amazing compounds. Olive Oil should be used with care.

Olives Are Full Of Oleic Acid

Olives have 15-35% fat. Most olive fat is 15-35%.

Monounsaturated Oleic Acid can easily be oxidized. We recommend that you purchase Olive Oil which is stored in dark glass and made as close as you can.

The fresher Olive Oil, the better the beneficial compounds and intact oils it will contain.

Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein

Oleuropein, the main bioactive in Olive Oil, is what gives it its distinctive taste.

Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol will rejuvenate your body.

  • They protect your heart and reverse chronic inflammation that can lead to heart disease. [2]
  • They are strong antioxidants in vitro and in vivo. [3,4]
  • They protect your pancreas from autoimmune damage. [5]
  • They can raise insulin sensitivity and protect glucose metabolism.
  • They increase testosterone production. [7]
  • They may be used as emollients in rheumatoid-arthritis. [8]
  • They can heal wounds and skin problems.
  • They protect your liver in the event of damage to your liver or metabolic syndrome.
  • These powerful anticancer properties are promising. [12-13, 14]

How to cook with olive oil

Olive Oil is fragile and easy to oxidize.

Look for additives in olive oil and ensure it is stored in dark glass.