A Handful Of Ways to Use Olive Oil

Although there are many health benefits to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, they are directly related to the oil type. However, our Olive Oil experts have identified some other common and general uses for all Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Olive Oil can be used for cooking, but our Olive Oil experts recommend that they are reserved for use as finishing oils. Olive Oil can be used in the same way as any other condiment. However, you will get the best flavor and health benefits by using it raw, on your food, and before you use them.

A small amount of olive oil will give amazing flavor.

Olive oil at the toilet:

Our Olive Oil experts recommend that you make a small condiment with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to use for bread, rolls and potatoes. Apply the Olive Oil to a small amount Balsamic Vinegar, or your favorite spices, and use it for dipping.

For extra crispness, rub olive oil on the potatoes. Consume olive oil, herbs, and pepper

Use olive oil instead of butter in your turkey.

Olive Oil can be substituted for other oils in baking soda to make fruit cakes/muffins or cornbread.

After plating, drizzle olive oil on your favorite soup.

Instead of butter, drizzle olive oil on your green vegetables.

Olive Oil can be used as the base for your favorite salad dressing.

Olive Oil can be used in place of butter for your favorite mashed potato recipe.

Before you go to the gym, drizzle a light olive oil on your seafood dishes.

Before you serve, drizzle a generous amount of Olive Oil over your steaks and grilled meats.

There are other creative programs for olive oil:

Olive oil can be used in many other ways than just to add flavor to your cooking creations. Here are just a few of the many uses for Olive Oil:

To shave. Olive oil can be used in place of shaving cream to provide a more shave.

Olive Oil and beeswax can be combined to make a homemade lip balm.
For shining stainless steel. Ammonia and other cleaning agents can dull and also damage stainless steel and rust chrome.

Olive Oil is however a safe and effective cosmetic ingredient.

Olive oil is great to remove eye makeup. Apply a little to the eyelids and then wipe off with a clean cloth.

Olive Oil is a great way to prevent wax sticking to candle holders. Before adding a candle, rub a thin layer of Olive Oil onto the base. The dripping wax should be easy to peel off

Moisturizing cuticles. Olive Oil can be used to moisturize the cuticles.

Dry epidermis. After a shower, apply a thin layer olive oil to the skin.

Olive Oil can be used as a bath acrylic. You will need 2 to 3 tablespoons.

For intense moisturizing, rub Olive Oil elbows and knees. It can also be used on the underside of babies!

Olive Oil can be applied to your scalp to reduce dandruff.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy and all-natural product. It will enhance the flavor of your dishes by being used in conjunction with other ingredients.