A Few Of the Notable Health Benefits of Olive Oil

A few people know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for your health. What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil good for? It lowers your risk of developing heart disease, which is America's leading cause of death.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the highest quality, unprocessed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It also offers the greatest health benefits.

Many scientific studies have proven that olive oil can prevent and treat heart disease. Olive oils protects the heart by decreasing "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and increasing "good cholesterol (HDL).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of high quality, about 2 tablespoons daily, is rich in antioxidants (vitamin E and phenols) that help reduce LDL cholesterol and increase blood antioxidants.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many health benefits.

High blood Pressure: Recent research has shown that regular consumption of olive oil can help lower blood pressure.

High cholesterol can lead to heart disease. Olive oil has been shown in studies to lower cholesterol and reduce the chance of developing heart disease.

Cancer:Oleocanthal is a phytonutrient that can be found in olive oil. It can reduce inflammation and mimic the effects ibuprofen. These include lignans, squalene and others.


Oxidative Stress: Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats. This oil doesn't oxidize. This oil also contains a small amount of polyunsaturated fats, which makes it a great choice for healthy eating.

Osteoporosis An olive oil diet can increase bone mineralization and calcification

These amazing health benefits will make it a priority to eat EVOO every day.

The natural antioxidants, polyphenols found in olive oils, play a significant role in many of the health benefits.

Olive Varieties: The type of olive used to make oil determines the level of its polyphenols. Arbequina, however, has a lower level.

Time to Pick: Olive oils made from unripe green tomatoes will contain more polyphenols that olive oil made with mature olives.

Environmental Factors Altitude, irrigation, and cultivation all have an impact on the polyphenol count.

Extract conditions: If you heat the oil or add water, it will lose more polyphenols.

Oil Storage Containers Less time an oil sits, the more polyphenols it contains.

These amazing health benefits will make it a priority to eat EVOO every day.