A Better Insiders Look At The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Process

Extra Virgin Olive Oils are created from the first pressing, which is performed within 24 to 72 hours of harvesting.

Mechanical or hand pressing are the typically the only methods used to obtain Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Additionally, no heat or chemical procedures are used. The Olive Oil obtained from the first pressing is the only Olive Oil that can be classified as Extra Virgin (or virgin, depending upon the natural acidity level)

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil refers to the best Olive Oil potential in terms of acidity, quality, aroma, and flavor. Some brands may have natural acidity rates as low as 0.225%. Because it is the most expensive, it is ideal to use premium extra virgin for dishes in which the olive oil won't be heated. Heating Olive Oil causes it to lose some of its flavor, so it isn't necessary to use the very expensive grades for cooking.

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is incredible in salads or as a condiment when flavor is essential.

To be classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the acidity level of the Olive Oil can be no greater than 1%. Like premium extra virgin, it is best to use extra virgin for dishes where the olive oil will not be heated, such as in salads or as a condiment.