9 Surprising Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

9 Surprising Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an essential component of benefits? As a matter of fact, the Mediterranean Diet encourages the liberal use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all its recipes.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Helps With Weight Loss

The Greeks generally tend to consume 20 liters of Extra Virgin Olive Oil annually and the end result is that they don’t have much fat to worry about. If they can stay slim even while taking a lot of olive oil then it is possible for you to achieve the same slimness with the aid of this ingredient. 

Olive Oil Aids In Relief For Pain 

Olive Oil contains oleocanthal which is better known to contain anti-inflammatory properties making this product a natural way to remedy pain.

Research displayed that inflammation generally appears in a variety of chronic illnesses which means that the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is worth thinking about.

Lessen Hair Frizz With Olive Oil 

Frizzy hair is typically a problem for a handful of people but instead of applying gel on your hair to tame your wild hair, why not use Extra Virgin Olive Oil? All that you have to do is to add a few drops of the oil onto the palms of your hands, rub them together and run them on your hair lightly.

DIY Skin Moisturizer With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Your skin needs moisturizing to retain its smoothness and silkiness but if you don’t have available moisturizer or you love to create things on your own, our Olive Oil experts suggest that you try combining rosemary, mint, or even lavender in Olive Oil then apply on your skin as natural moisturizer.

Olive Oil Prevents Mental Decline 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains large amounts of monounsaturated fat which, according to numerous research, slows or prevents the onset of mental decline which is linked to mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

Olive Oil Is Great For Diaper Rash Treatment

Did you know that before diaper rash treatments came into being, mothers during the earlier years use to use extra virgin olive oil to heal rashes? 

Olive Oil Helps Your Body Function Smoothly

Another benefit of adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your day to day diet is that it helps your body and your organs to run smoothly. Just like your car needs regular oil change, your body needs the same treatment so that it will run in the best condition.

Deter Diabetes With Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your daily diet may either delay or prevent diabetes from occurring. What the olive oil does is to regulate or balance the levels of insulin in your body so you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar levels from spiking.

Boosts Immune System With Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Your immune system is important as it combats the onset of various diseases from common colds to the more severe health issues. And since extra virgin olive oil contains high amounts of antioxidants, your immune system will get the boost it needs to provide you with protection from all kinds of illnesses. 

The number of antioxidants found in extra virgin olive oil can’t be found in other types of oil so you might want to include it in your diet starting today.

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  • Alexis Barros