9 Incredible Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Most men and women know that extra virgin olive oil is good for you but do you know why? In ancient times olive oil was considered as valuable as gold and even though people may not value it this way today, it still is one of the most valuable foods.

One of the reasons the Mediterranean diet is so popular is due to the benefits of olive oil. The increasing trend towards Ketogenic diets shows that people are searching for ways to get top quality, healthy fats in their diets and olive oil proves to be one of the best choices. So, why is extra virgin olive oil so good for you

Olive oil reduces inflammation.

This is arguably the most important benefit of olive oil. Inflammation is a primary driver and often an underlying cause for most disease pathologies. And it is especially critical for those dealing with auto-immune diseases.

Olive oil's high lactic acid content helps reduce inflammation which is often witnessed in blood markers as reduced levels of C-Reactive Proteins.

Olive oil protects the heart and cardiovascular system.

As we age, our risk of cardiovascular disease increases. However, those of us who have olive oil on a regular basis, can lower our risk. Olive oil's abundance of phenolic compounds, exceptional fatty acids and high levels of oleic acid make it cardio-protective.

It can also improve lipid profiles by increasing HDL's and lowering LDL's. Additionally, olive oil's ability to decrease inflammation has been proven to reduce biomarkers associated with and the growth of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and thrombosis.

Olive oil helps to regulate appropriate body weight.

Olive oil has been shown to decrease triglycerides in the liver and diminish lipotoxicity, which often contributes to weight gain. Good fats also help control insulin resistance which triggers weight retention.

One of the reasons the Ketogenic diet has become so popular is because when folks consume additional fats and fewer carbohydrates, they are better able to both lose and maintain healthy weight levels. Excellent fats like extra virgin olive oil also have a tendency to be more satiating, mitigating the need to consume additional food.

Olive oil can help prevent and manage Type 2 Diabetes.

Extra virgin olive oil has a tremendous number of bioactive compounds: monosaturated fatty acids, lignans and other polyphenols that aid in the prevention and management of Type 2 diabetes. These protective elements do not cause blood sugar to increase but instead help reduce inflammation that is associated with insulin resistance and diabetes.

Olive oil helps stop Cancer.

The top polyphenol content from extra virgin olive oil helps modulate the immune system and therefore reduces the risk of cancer. In essence it helps lower oxidative stress that is a primary driver of cancer. 1 Italian study also found olive oil especially helpful in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Olive Oil support Brain Health

Our brains are largely composed of fatty acids. Extra virgin olive oil is high in fatty acids, acids, and combined with its anti-inflammatory properties is neuro-protective, thereby lowering the risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia while improving memory and focus.

Olive oil helps shield against Osteoporosis.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil's phenolic compounds apply a protective mechanism against osteoporosis by favoring bone regeneration. After the body has excess amounts of inflammation it'll cause the bones to start excreting minerals to compensate, thus reducing bone density.

But, regular consumption of olive oil reduces the overall inflammatory response and helps protect the bones from breakdown, keeping them powerful. This is especially important for the older. Fats also aid in mineral absorption which is essential for bone building.

Olive Oil can help slow the Aging of the Skin

As we age our skin naturally starts to break down. Chronic long-term stress creates oxidative stress which starts to break down collagen and the dermis amount of the skin.

One of the special properties of high-quality extra virgin olive oil is that it can decrease epinephrine levels caused by stress thereby acting as a protective mechanism for the skin. This then helps slow down the aging process of the skin. In fact, one of woman's best-kept secrets is to apply olive oil into her skin to maintain its healthy glow.

Olive oil can act as a protective mechanism for liver damage.

Surprisingly, due to its high levels of oleic acid and other phenolic compounds, extra virgin olive oil participates in many different signaling pathways that stop inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin resistance. This can help prevent and resolve liver damage such as fatty liver or liver cirrhosis. Some people today drink a few ounces of olive oil on a daily basis as a preventative measure to support healthy liver function.

Listed above are some of the very important scientifically examined benefits of olive oil. But many folks do not need science to know that olive oil is great for them, it is something they can feel. There are also many other benefits not listed above. For example, some people use high quality olive oil to reduce gallstones as part of a liver-gallbladder flush.

Others take it to reduce constipation and, in fact, increased healthy oil consumption was one of the ancient remedies used in Chinese Medicine for constipation. So that you see, extra virgin olive oil is one of the perfect anti-aging foods. It doesn't get any more amazing than that!