8 Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Help You Look and Feel Your Best

From staying active to eating directly to getting sufficient sleep, there's a great deal we can do in order to stay healthy. And that includes having extra virgin olive oil on your finest recipes.

We all know olive oil tastes great. But were you aware that EVOO is not just tasty for flavor, it's also beneficial for your health, too?

Whether you use it in your vinaigrette salad dressing table, on your baking or in marinating your dinner, EVOO can do wonders for your health. It is an ingredient that doesn't only takes the flavor to a new level, it also amps up your health.

EVOO has several characteristics that make it a source for good health. And the fact that it's free of processed chemicals is just the start of its miracles.

Here, we share 8 benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can enhance your health and make you feel great.

High in healthy monounsaturated fats

If you think of fats, you may immediately think of unhealthy, processed ingredients. But fats are an essential part of your diet that have to be included daily. The kind of fat you use makes a big difference in your overall health.

EVOO has monounsaturated fats. This fat - oleic acid - comes with a variety of health benefits such as reducing inflammation and reducing your risk of heart disease.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Have Antioxidants That Are Great for Your Heart

Much of EVOO's credit for a health food stems from its own antioxidants. Polyphenols is just one of the natural antioxidants found in olive oil.

Similar to any other antioxidant, polyphenols have properties that can improve your heart health and do things such as reduced bad cholesterol and blood pressure. They function by clearing arteries and improving your overall cardiovascular health.

According to researcher Dr. Mary Flynn, EVOO high in polyphenols has shown to increase good cholesterol, HDL, while lowering bad cholesterol, LDL.

To hear more from Dr. Mary Flynn, check out this video on the Part of extra virgin olive oil at a healthy dietplan:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Has A Bundle of Antioxidants for Inflammation

Another antioxidant you can find in EVOO is oleocanthal. This antioxidant also can have profound effects in boosting your health. The antioxidant oleocanthal is an anti-inflammatory that reduces pain. It imitates the properties of an ibuprofen or other pain reliever in alleviating discomfort.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Anti-Bacterial

The antioxidants also have properties to act as an anti-bacterial. The antioxidant polyphenols in olive oil have demonstrated to be effective in preventing and delaying the development of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, Cholera, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas and Influenza.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prevents Gallstones

Afraid of getting gallstones? Use olive oil as part of your prevention methods. Considering olive oil encourages bile and other pancreatic hormones that are important for health. With these properties, olive oil helps to Decrease the risk of getting gallstones

Prevent Cancer

The benefits of EVOO keep getting better, as the antioxidants found in olive oil have also shown to decrease the risk of cancer. An article from Legion Athletics notes that the oleocanthal found in olive oil can increase the devastation rate of cancer cells.

From breast cancer to colon cancer to stomach cancer to more, the power of the antioxidants can do amazing things in prevention and healthy living.

Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can be a painful and frustrating condition to live with. Using olive oil's properties of anti-inflammatory and reducing oxidative stress, it can act as an aid to alleviate rheumatoid arthritis,

Boost Your Health With EVOO

With so many health benefits of using olive oil, you're going to want to use it in all! From the heart to your brain to your skin to your stomach, EVOO is an all around superfood to help you become healthy and feel great.