3 Amazing Ways Infused Olive Oil Can Be Developed

An infused olive oil is a cooking oils that has been enhanced with natural seasonings. When frying or sautéing, infused oils can give dishes a unique flavor. 

Flavoring oil can be used to flavor bread and drizzled on salads.
Did you know that olive oil is considered one of the most healthy cooking oils? It is the illusion of adding flavors that make it so popular.

Use a Clear Bottle

It is best to put the olive oil and spices in a clear bottle. Seal the jar and let it sit at room temperature for several hours or up to a month. The jar and cap must be completely sterilized. Otherwise, the flavorful ingredients can cause the oil's growth to go rancid. To ensure freshness, infused oils should be kept refrigerated after they have attained the desired flavor level.

Hot Infusion

A sexy infusion is another way to consume olive oil infused with herbs and spices. Mix the olive oil with herbs and spices in an saucepan. The mixture is then gently heated on a stove. The mixture should be heated to 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (82-93 degrees Celsius) to fully release any flavorings. The flavored cooking oils are then strained into a container and sealed.

Cold Infusion

An older method of making olive oil with infused oils requires a food processor, blender, or food processor. This system is especially useful for dry spices or woody fibers. The food processor will combine the olive oil and any other ingredients. The chef can also strain the mixture. To preserve the best flavor, pour the infused oils into ribbons.

What about the Herbs?

A variety of herbsherbs, spices and other ingredients can be mixed into olive oil to create flavored oils. Many people love to make infused oils with fresh rosemary, thyme and tarragon. Some oils can be spiced up with fresh or dried chilies or cumin. You can also add shallots or ginger to root additions.

How can I season it?

Seasonings used in the making of infused oils can be prepared by anyone. Some people like to add fresh garlic to their all-purpose oil. Some people will combine mint and citrus zest with special cooking oils to create extraordinary creations. The best recipe to infuse olive oil with flavor is one that suits the tastes and cooking needs of the chef.