15 Great Unconventional Ways to Use Olive Oil

We love the versatility of olive oil in the kitchen and the numerous researched health benefits that come along with it. But were you aware that extra virgin olive oil has lots of amazing uses out of the kitchen as well?

Here are 15 ways that the team at The Olive Press utilizes olive oil outside of the kitchen.

Super Smooth Shave -- The perfect two for 1 solution! Like we mentioned above, olive oil is a fantastic moisturizer and it enables the razor effortlessly glide over skin.

Furniture Polish -- Mix olive oil with a bit of lemon juice, shake in a spray bottle, spritz on your furniture and wipe away with a soft fabric. A wonderful natural and safe furniture or wood polish!

Eye Makeup Remover -- Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and wash away the day's makeup. Another natural solution that can help moisturize your luscious lashes!

Remove Paint & Grease from Skin -- Add a bit of salt or sugar to get those extra tough stains out.

Leather Polish -- A light olive oil rub can help reestablish hardened leather. Work into leather with a soft cloth, let sit for half an hour, and then wipe off any excess oil.

Soothe Diaper Rash -- Use olive oil in place of baby oil to treat and prevent diaper rash

Nail Care -- soak a Q-tip in olive oil and apply to nails to moisturize cuticles and encourage nail growth!

Shine Up Brass -- Apply a small amount of olive oil into a soft cloth and rub brass hardware for a shine like new!

Sunburn Treatment -- Rub olive oil lightly sunburned skin. The healthy fats from olive oil get rid of free radicals and can help repair short-term skin damage due to UV light exposure.

Grease Squeaky Hinges -- Place a few drops of olive oil onto squeaky door hinges to lubricate and get rid of annoying squeaks.

Massage Oil -- A perfect natural massage oil that leaves skin healthy and glowing!

Water Resistant -- Wipe a bit of olive oil leather boots, gloves, belts or bags to help them resist water, preserve quality and condition!

Free a Stuck Zipper -- Dab on a few drops of olive oil, let sit for a minute or two, then zip as usual.

Sooth a Scratchy Throat -- A spoonful of olive oil will do the trick!

Reduce the Frizz and Static -- Rub a small amount of olive oil on your hands (and reap the moisturizing benefits!) , then run your fingers through your hair, followed by a stroke or two from a natural brush.